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TSI-2535A – Transmission Specialties Powerglide 1.76 Design Planetary Pin Set Kit

The Transmission Specialties (TSI-2535A) Powerglide 1.76 design planetary pin set is designed to work with a welded TSI planetary gear carrier / output shaft assembly but can be used with other manufactures welded gear carrier / output assemblies or an OEM 1.76 gear carrier assembly.

We use the TSI-2535A pin set kit with every OEM 1.76 planetary we rebuild at our shop. This ad includes pictures of the pin kit in a rebuilt OEM 1.76 planetary to show how the pin kits can be installed. The 1.76 planetary is not included with the TSI-2535A part number.

If you are planning a planetary rebuild, check out our HPP-11021, HPP-11022 or HPP-11024 planetary overhaul kits for the additional parts you may need.