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STR-B1708WC - Strange Engineering Pro Race Rear Brake Kit with One Piece Steel Rotor for Early Big Ford Housing Ends

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The STR-B1708WC is the Strange Engineering Pro Race rear brake kit with the one-piece steel rotors for early big Ford housing ends. This kit has a 2.33” brake offset (dimension “F” shown in the picture).

The Strange Engineering Pro Race Steel Rear Brake kits are for drag race use only. These kits come complete with one piece steel brake rotors, billet aluminum caliper mounts, four piston directional calipers, soft pads, and mounting hardware. The one piece forged steel brake rotors are far superior to the common bolt together designs in weight reduction, strength, and longevity. The rotor slotting was developed by Strange Engineering to minimize warpage while maximizing weight reduction. The four piston directional calipers feature 1.750 inch and 1.625-inch OD stainless steel pistons that optimize pad wear while maintaining exceptional brake pedal feel. If you are serious about going fast, then this is the brake kit that you need to help ensure you come back safely.

$697.50 $775.00