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SON-56241 – Sonnax Needle Bearing Thrust Washer

The SON-56241 (Sonnax Thrust Washer) is an aftermarket replacement thrust washer normally used in the Ford 4R44E, 5R44E, 4R55E and 5R55E transmission but we use them as the needle bearing thrust washer of choice to between the pump and high gear drum in our race built Powerglide transmissions.

They are thicker than the OEM thrust washers normally used in this area so require you to either machine the pump or the high gear clutch drum prior to installation. The washer itself is an enclosed bearing manufactured from hardened steel with a 2.749” OD, 2.010” ID and 0.106” thickness.

If you want to make the upgrade to the Sonnax 56241 needle bearing thrust washer in your race glide but do not have access to the machining equipment to make the required modifications, we also sell a replacement drum already machined to accept the SON-56241 or you can contact us and send you drum in to be machined to suit it.