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SON-180S-K – Sonnax 1.80 Ratio Powerglide Planetary Premium Straight Cut Loose Gear Set

The SON-180S-K is the Sonnax brand 1.80 ratio Powerglide planetary premium straight cut loose gear set. These gears are track proven to handle 2000 horsepower and are the perfect choice when extra durability is needed at a reasonable cost in demanding applications. The pinion and sun gears supplied in these sets are manufactured from top-quality E9310 material, the gears are run through a special heat-treating process which provides improved grain structure and stability, the end result is a tougher and more wear resistant gear set. The loose gear sets carrier a two-year warranty against breakage.

Another feature that sets Sonnax apart from other manufactures is the high gear flange plate that is supplied with the kit. The 12-tooth flange plate is manufactured from a piece of billet steel and critical areas of the flange have increase material thickness to provide additional stability. The flange plates are broached to match the sun gear for a precise press fit, no welding required. Please note, the flange and flange sun gear ship un-assembled in the kit and the end user is responsible to press the sun flange gear into the flange plate.

The items that are included with the SON-180S-K loose gear set can be seen in the picture and are listed below:

  • Short Pinion Gears (3)
  • Long Pinion Gears (3)
  • Front Sun Gear
  • Drum Flange 12-Tooth
  • Rear Sun Gear
  • Standard Duty Ring Gear