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RJRC-410021-3.0-LSMK – Quartermax Mild Steel Four Link Housing Bracket Set for 3.0” Axle Tube with Threaded Lower Shock Mount Kit

The RJRC-410021-3.0-LSMK is our internal part number for the Quarter-max mild steel base level four link housing bracket kit which includes a set of RJRC-410021 (3/16” thick mild steel housing brackets for 3” axle tubes and 5/8” through hole rod ends) and a set of RJRC-201210 (Quarter-Max threaded lower shock mounts).

We have one of these kits in stock and clearance sale priced. As part of this clearance sale deal, we are offering free shipping on this kit to a Continental US address.

$165.00 $210.95