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RJRC-410019-7-LSMK – Quarter-Max 4130 Pro Series Four Link Housing Bracket Set for 3.0” Axle Tubes with Threaded Lower Shock Mount Kit

The RJRC-410019-7-LSMK is our internal part number for the Quarter-Max 4130 Chrome-Moly Pro Series Four Link Housing Bracket Kit which includes a set of RJRC-410019-7 (1/4” thick 4130 housing brackets for 3” axle tubes and 1/2” through hole rod ends) and a set of RJRC-201210-1 (Quarter-Max threaded lower shock mounts).

We have two of these kits in stock that we are offering at the clearance sale price which also includes free shipping to a continental US address.

$300.00 $370.95