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MSD-8201 - MSD Pro Power Series Red Ignition Coil

The MSD-8201 is the MSD Pro Power series red ignition coil. The MSD-8201 has special windings that have extremely low resistance to produce the highest voltage possible with plenty of spark energy when used with an MSD 7 or 8 Series Ignition Control.

The MSD Pro Power Coil is a great choice for short-duration applications such as drag racing. This Coil is designed for use with an MSD 7AL-2 (#7220), 7AL-2 Plus (#7222), 7AL-3 (#7230), and MSD 8 (7805) Ignitions only. Sold Individually.


• High voltage coil designed for short duration applications only
• Primary and secondary windings are encased in Ciba polyurethane for vibration protection
• Extremely low primary resistance
• Housing is molded from a durable and high dielectric polyester
• Supplied with rubber shock mounts
• For MSD 7 and 8 ignitions only, not for use on street vehicles