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MOS-3250ALU – Moser Engineering 9” Ford Aluminum Bolt Through Case for 3.250” OD Carrier Bearings

The MOS-3250ALU is the Moser Engineering 9” Ford aluminum bolt through bare case for 3.250” OD carrier bearings. The Moser 9” Ford bolt-through aluminum cases design provides increased strength and decreased ring gear deflection common in most aluminum case design. The cases are produced from 206-T4 aluminum with 7075-T6 aluminum caps and billet steel adjusters. The cases are drilled us utilizes the standard 3/8-16 pinion support studs plus a secondary bolt patten for a 7/16” heavy duty stud kit. Moser produces these cases in the USA and uses a CMM inspection process to ensure machining accuracy.

Hanrahan Performance has been a Moser Engineering dealer for over 15 years and the Moser 9” Ford aluminum bolt-through cases are our preferred building block for both our cars and customer 3rd member builds.

The MOS-3250ALU cases fall under our free shipping to a continental US address promotion.  As an additional discount to help out our Kentucky based customers, we are offering a promotional discount were HPP covers the Kentucky Sales tax on in stock MOS-3250ALU cases.