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KRPE-SD-SPD-8-CI – K&R Performance Super Duty Wiring Kit with Carbon Illusion Faced Switch Panel

The KRPE-SD-SPD-8-CI is our internal part number for the K&R Performance Engineering super duty wiring kit with carbon Illusion faced switch panel and 8’ switch panel cable. This kit includes a remote mount fuse / relay board with heavy duty stud mount terminal which is controlled by a cable connected switch panel. The switch panel comes with a pre-wired cable that simply plugs into the fuse / relay board. The kit also includes printed wires for the most common race car electrical components, colored wires for standard electrical sub-systems, terminal ends, heat shrink, wire ties and colored laminated poster size wiring diagram.

This kit has carbon illusion faced switch panel option which can be seen in the switch panel photo (2nd from the front in that photo). The carbon illusion switch panel option is another top seller among our customer's that prefer the carbon fiber appearance in their driver’s compartment. If you are interested in one of the other switch panel finish options, feel free to contact us for pricing.

The K&R super duty wiring kits are our shops preferred wiring system and have been for years. Hanrahan Performance is proud to say that we have been part of the K&R Performance dealer network for over 15 years now.

We are offering the K&R SD wiring kits with free ground shipping to a continental US address.

Available for pre-order