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KRPE-PCT3-ZP_BLK – K&R Performance Pro Cube Plus with Three (two stage) Timers and Z-Force (Black Cover)

The KRPE-PCT3-ZP_BLK is the K&R Performance Pro Cube with three (two stage) timers, Z-Force upgrade, black cover and two dial in board outputs. If you are not sure which Pro Cube will best suit your application, glance over the comparison chart to review what options each unit offers. The PCT3-ZP series includes the following features:

• NEW! PRO-DIAL DIAL BOARD OUTPUTS-- (2) Fiber optic outputs capable of controlling TWO Pro-Dial dial boards. Automatically sends your dial-in to any of our Pro-Dial dial boards. No need for a separate controller anymore! (DIAL BOARD(S) AVAILABLE SEPARATELY)

• NEW! Z-FORCE™-This is a whole new concept for reacting to the tree. "ZERO" force required on the transbrake button once staged---thus eliminating the "pressure" issues associated with conventional methods. (Patent Pending)

• STANDARD mode- configurable transbrake button modes work in either mode; Standard mode (conventional method) or the new Z-Force mode

• BUMP DOWN- correct for late reactions (adjustable to the .001sec. increments), and now you can even “Bump Down” your throttle stop timer.

• “BUMP UP“; separate button allows you the opportunity to “Bump Up” without losing the chance to “Bump Down”.

• SMALL SIZE- 4.5"W x 3.5"H x 2.75"Deep---allows unit to fit virtually anywhere (leaving room for a tachometer and other gauges).

• AUTOMATIC CROSSOVER / CROSSTALK-enter dial-ins, react to the first "flash" and let the box do the math.

• DOUBLE-HIT-take two "shots" at the tree and leave on your quickest reaction.
• LARGE LCD DISPLAY- new blue backlighting for easy day/night viewing.

• QUICK SET SWITCHES- allows nearly instant changes to any setting (no more panic trying to make last second changes).

• RUN INFO- automatically displays reaction differential and “Bump” counts.

• TRANSBRAKE LOCKOUT- prevents accidental transbrake lockup (adjustable timer).

• FLINCH PROTECTION- save yourself from known red lights

• FULL TREE / PRO TREE- allows you to enter two totally different run programs.

• TIMER- Three (3) separate two stage timers to control t-stop, shifter, nitrous, etc. during the run.

• PRO-STAGE- patented system developed by Frank Hawley, allows you to stage at an idle for both Full tree and Pro tree for improved concentration and consistency. Goes to full throttle when transbrake is activated on Pro tree, and waits until your tree starts on a Full tree.

• LINELOCK- versatile output for connecting line-lock, "launch-control" throttle stop, etc.

• RESET SWITCH- instantly allows you to stop the delay box cycle, and be race ready

• LED INDICATORS- status lights show when each output is activated.

• OVERLOAD PROTECTION- self-protection from overloads and shorts on all outputs.

• WARRANTY- So confident in our products, we offer an unprecedented 2-year warranty!

• DASH INSTALLATION- add that “Professional” look by recess mounting with our new terminated Dash Kit, available separately.

The K&R Performance Pro Cubes are our delay boxes of choice in our shop cars. Hanrahan Performance is proud to say that we have been part of the K&R Performance dealer network for over 15 years now.

We are offering the K&R Pro Cubes with free ground shipping to a continental US address.

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