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HPP-19214 – Aftermarket Powerglide Tall High Gear Drum kit with Needle Bearing Thrust Washer & Billet Aluminum Piston

The HPP-19214 aftermarket Powerglide tall high gear drum kit combines one of our modified FTI drums that we market under the part number HPP-19212 with a BTE-2440 aftermarket billet aluminum tall high gear clutch piston.  This drum / piston combination is designed to work with a standard height clutch hub, like a BTE-2483.

The BTE-2440 billet aluminum high gear piston is designed and manufactured to work with a six standard clutch disk setup or an eight thin clutch disk setup.   Please note that BTE took the time and effort to machine their piston with spring locator pins verses the easier to manufactured spring pockets.  The spring locator pins better stabilize the return springs and reduce the chance the piston can rotate in the drum bore.

This kit is designed to work with both OEM and Aftermarket pumps that have not been machined for a needle bearing thrust washer.  This is the kit that we use in our aftermarket case glide builds for power levels under 1200 horsepower. If you have an existing drum, you can combine the parts from that drum with this kit prepare a complete high gear drum assembly.

If you have any questions about the HPP-19214 drum kit, feel free to contact us.

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