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HPP-19212 – Aftermarket Powerglide Tall High Gear Drum with Thrust Washer

The HPP-19212 is an aftermarket replacement for the OEM Powerglide tall drum, the reaction face of this drum has been machined to suit a Sonnax 56241 thrust washer (new thrust washer included with drum). This drum can be fitted with up to a six standard thickness clutch pack (0.098” clutch disks with 0.070” steels) or up to an eight-clutch pack using thin clutches and steels (0.060” clutch disks with 0.060” steels).

The base drum was designed and is manufactured for FTI. The base drums have a lighting groove machined in the front face which decreases static / rotation weight of the drum; these drums weigh 0.5 lbs. less than an OEM tall Powerglide drum. The drums also have four fluid bleed ports machined in them to allow lubrication fluid to evacuate the drum when high gear is engaged. This lubrication fluid modification helps to direct oil towards the band apply surface of the drum, reducing drag between the drum and band while high gear is active.

After we receive the drums in from our supplier, we place them on our CNC mill and machine the front reaction surface to suit the Sonnax 56241 needle bearing thrust washer, we then modify the air vent port to suit a Sonnax high rpm check ball capsule. Once the machine work is complete, we inspect, debur, wash and head to the press to install the Sonnax check ball capsule and a Teflon coated drum bushing. When we box the drums, they are ready for a builder to assemble with their internals and clutch pack setup.

If you have any questions about the HPP-19212 bare drum with bushing and thrust washer, feel free to contact us.