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HPP-19205 – Replacement Aftermarket Powerglide Rear Pump Half for BTE-243510 (seven bolt design)

The HPP-19205 is the replacement aftermarket Powerglide rear pump half for a BTE-243510 seven bolt high volume / high pressure pump. One of the advantages of running one of the BTE-243510 aftermarket pumps in your race glide is that if the rear half of the pump is damaged internal or externally, you can purchase a replacement aftermarket pump half.

The HPP-19205 come complete with flanged / bushed stator tube already installed and new alignment dowel pins. This rear pump half is designed to work with a standard pump to high gear drum thrust washer or with a high gear drum that has been machined to accept a needle bearing thrust washer. 

If you have a question about whether the HPP-19205 can be used as a replacement rear pump half for your aftermarket Powerglide pump, please contact us before you purchase.