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HPP-19204-TSI_Core – Remanufactured OEM Powerglide Gear Side Front Pump Half with OSK Gear Set

The HPP-19204-TSI_Core is the temporary part number for a clearance item we have a few of in stock. We purchased the re-machined gear cavity bare cores from TSI when they stopped selling the TSI-2508ph pump halves because they ran out of gear sets. We cleaned, inspected, vapor honed, crisscross board sanded the sealing surface and painted the front face of the remanufactured OEM gear side cores and fitted them with a new bushing, front seal, and a set of Sonnax 28201-OSK (oversized Powerglide pump gears).

These remanufactured OEM casting Powerglide gear side front pump halves get run through the same inspection process we use on the cores we remanufacture in house and sell under the part number HPP-19204, the only difference is we did not do the machine work on these cores thus the reason for the (-TSI_Core) add on to the part number.

$175.00 $195.00