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HPP-19122 – Aftermarket Chrome-moly Powerglide Stator Tube for OEM Pump Castings

The HPP-19122 is the internal part number we use for the Sonnax 28154S aftermarket Powerglide stator tube. Sonnax has this aftermarket Powerglide stator tube machined overseas from high-quality heat-treated chrome-moly steel. The sealing surfaces have a roller burnished finish to improve fluid seal at higher pressures. The tube features a pronounced knurl for improved press fit locking into the OEM Powerglide pump castings and both the spline and knurl areas of the tube are selective induction hardened to provide better wear resistance. The end of the stator tube comes pre-machined to accept a turbo support bushing if the application requires it.

Installing one these aftermarket Powerglide stator tubes is one of the first steps in turning an OEM Powerglide pump into a race ready pump because it provides added strength to support the torque converter stator. We install one of these stator tubes in every OEM Powerglide rear pump half we remanufacture at our shop.