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HPP-11053 - Aftermarket 1.76 Design Bolt Together Powerglide Planetary Gear Carrier with Long 27-Spline 4340 Output Shaft

The HPP-11053 is an aftermarket bolt together bare Powerglide planetary gear carrier with long 4340 27-spline output shaft. This is the setup we use in our aftermarket planetary builds up for applications up to 1500 horsepower This setup can be used with the most common Powerglide planetary gears set that were based on the OEM 1.76 design (1.98, 1.96, 1.80, 1.76 and 1.69 planetary gear sets). This setup comes with the output shaft already mounted to the aftermarket gear carrier and input shaft support bushing already installed in the pilot bore of the output shaft. The gear carrier is designed to utilize the push in axle pins with retaining ring setup used my several of the leading builders.

If you do not already have a set of axle pins and would prefer to use all new components in your assembly, combine the HPP-11053 with one of the BTE-245703 (BTE Powerglide 1.76 Style Planetary Assembly Kit).

We are offering free shipping to a continental US address on the HPP-11053 (Powerglide Bolt Together Planetary Gear Carrier / Long 4340 Output Shaft).

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