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HPP-11000-SG – HPP 1.80 Powerglide Planetary with Long 4340 Output Shaft Assembled with Sonnax 180S-K Gear Set

The HPP-11000-SG is our in- house assembled 1.80 Sonnax geared Powerglide planetary with long 4340 output shaft. For this assembly we combine a Sonnax 180S-K loose gear set, with an HPP-11053 (aftermarket bolt together bare Powerglide planetary gear carrier with long 4340 27-spline output shaft) and complete the assembly using a BTE-245703 - 1.76 style planetary assembly kit.

We have been performing in-house planetary assembly work for almost 20 years now and are meticulous with our assembly operation and inspections. The Sonnax 180S-K gear sets that we use in our HPP-11000-SG planetaries carry a two-year warrantee against breakage, so our planetaries are backed with by the same Sonnax warrantee on the gears.

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