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BTE-PGH4 – BTE Aftermarket Heavy Duty Powerglide Tail Housing with roller bearing

The BTE-PGH4 aftermarket heavy duty cast aluminum tail housing with roller bearing replaces the OEM cast aluminum tail housing. These aftermarket castings are designed to be much stronger than the OEM casting and feature a roller bearing to provide additional stability to your long shaft planetary along with reduced friction.

One note, the roller bearing housing requires you to use a hardened surface yoke machined and design to work with a roller bearing. It is normally best to use a chrome-moly yoke that has a Nitride surface treatment.  We recommend & stock the Strange Engineering STR-U1667N and STR-U1677N, you can find these yokes under the transmission yoke sub-menu under the Driveline main menu heading.

The standard BTE-PGH4 is supplied with five standard 3/8-16 SHCS. We also offer an upgrade hardware option (HPP-PG_TH_BK) which includes a set of Alloy steel 12-point 3/8-16 bolts with heavy duty small OD flat washers. We prepared this hardware kit to replace the standard bolt kit because the 12 bolt bolts make it easier to torque the bolts plus the heavy-duty small diameter washers provide protection from damaging the cast aluminum around the mounting holes. The HPP hardware kit is not included with the base BTE-PGH4 tail housing but is included with you purchase the upgrade option.

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