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BTE-92451 - BTE Aftermarket SFI Replacement GM Bell Housing for OEM Case TH400

The BTE-92451 is an aftermarket replacement bolt on bell housing for an OEM case TH400 suited to mount to a GM (LS compatible) engine. The bell housings are manufactured from high quality A356-T6 aluminum, they meet the SFI 30.1 safety specification. Machining or hand work is required to remove the OEM bell from the OEM case, the BTE-92451 will then mount to the OEM TH400 case through the pump mounting bolts. Transmission side mounting hardware is included with the bell housing.

The BTE-92451 starts life a one of the BTE-240002 aftermarket SFI bolt on bell housing for aftermarket case. The rear surface of the bell housing is machined so that the billet aluminum adapter plate can be installed to allow it to be mounted to the pump face. Please note that billet aluminum adapter does not have an offset step so when preparing the OEM case for the bell housing the pump face needs to be proud of the cut line on the case. If you have questions about the installation of the bell housing feel free to contact us.