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BTE-251916 – BTE 300M Turbo Spline Single Ring Powerglide Input Shaft

The BTE-251916 turbo splined, 300M, single ring Powerglide input shaft is our second level upgrade input shaft for combinations that are under 1150 horsepower. This input shaft has the following features.

  • Manufactured from 300M material.
  • Universal length of 12-3/4" long.
  • Twist oil passages for converter return flow past turbo bushing.
  • Single Ring design to reduce chance of failure in the ringed area of the shaft with through shaft oiling for planetary.
We use this shaft in all our higher horsepower level stock case glides and lower-level aftermarket case glide with either an OEM pump with aftermarket turbo bushing stator tube or a BTE-243510 aftermarket pump.

Not recommended to use with an un-modified OEM stator tube pump.