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BTE-251913 – BTE Vasco 300 Turbo spline Ringless Powerglide Input Shaft

The BTE-251913 turbo splined, Vasco 300, ringless Powerglide input shaft is our fourth level upgrade input shaft for combinations that are over 1100 horsepower. This input shaft has the following features.

  • Manufactured from heat treated Vacco 300 material.
  • Universal length of 12-3/4”
  • The turbo bushing area has been eliminated to reduce converter discharge head pressure and increase converter discharge flow.
  • Sealing rings have been eliminated to strength shaft.
  • This shaft most be used with the BTE-245310 pump with bushed stator tube to ensure proper cooler / lubrication circuit fluid flow.
We combine this shaft with a BTE-243510 pump for use in our higher power level aftermarket case glide builds (1100 to 2000 horsepower range).