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BTE-2486 – BTE Powerglide Billet Aluminum Roller Rear Support

The BTE-2486 Powerglide billet aluminum roller rear support replaces the OEM governor support on a long shaft Powerglide racing transmission. This upgrade component can be utilized in both OEM stock cases and aftermarket case applications and provides the following benefits:

  • The roller bearing provides more stability to the planetary output shaft than a bushed OEM governor support.
  • The roller bearing reduces friction on the output shaft which in turn reduces heat and power loss.
  • The smooth / flat front surface of the billet roller rear support provides improved reverse piston passage sealing on OEM cases.

We offer an optional HPP hardware kit (HPP-PG_BRRS_BK) for the billet roller rear support that includes a set of small diameter stainless flat washers, grade 8 lock washers and bolts. This is the hardware kit that we use with all our inhouse builds. We developed this hardware kit properly secure the roller rear support to the case without damaging the machined billet aluminum piece. The optional HPP hardware kit is shown as a separate picture but not included with the BTE-2486 unless the upgrade option is chosen.

Available for pre-order