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BTE-247410 - BTE 1.80 Straight Cut Powerglide Planetary with Long 4340 Output Shaft

The BTE-247410 is assembled using gears manufactured by the crew at BTE in Mt. Pleasant, MS.  The main planetary gears are manufactured from 9310 vacuum melt steel. The standard planetary utilizes a bolt together gear carrier that is combined with a 4340 long output shaft. The planetaries utilize precision ground steel push in axle pins that are held in place using a flanged retaining plate. The planetary comes complete with reversing ring and assembled flange gear / flange plate assembly.

The planetary gears carry a two-year warranty against failure or breakage.

Please note, these planetaries will be shipping direct from BTE and will ship free to a continental US address.

Current build time at BTE is running around running less than a week, so expect that it could take up to a week from the time a planetary is ordered before it will ship.

If you have any questions about the BTE planetary or the lead time please contact us prior to placing the order.

The BTE-247410 planetary is the primary planetary we use in our inhouse glide builds up to 1500 horsepower.  Above 1500 horsepower we use the same gear carrier and planetary gears but recommend an upgrade to a 300M output shaft to reduce the chance of damage to the output due to torsional twisting.  Above 2200 horsepower we recommend upgrading to TH400 output shaft planetary.

Available for pre-order