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BTE-243510 - Aftermarket Powerglide High Performance Front Pump

BTE-243510 Aftermarket Powerglide seven bolt high performance (high volume / high pressure) front pump designed to work with BTE-251913 Ringless Input and most ringed input shafts. These pumps include the following features:

  • Seven bolt clamping force holding the rear half to the front half for increased strength.
  • High performance fluid circuits to support the demand on a racing Powerglide.
  • Flanged 4340 stator tube that are bolted into the pump casting to reduce risk of spinning.
  • Stator tubes are internal bushed to provide proper cooler / lubrication circuit flow when used with a BTE 251913 ringless input shaft.
  • Larger gears then OEM pumps to provide higher pressure capabilities and increased flow.
  • Main pump gear is coated to provide longer life.

The BTE-243510 is our pump of choice to use in our high horsepower glide builds.

This product may ship from our shop or could be drop shipped from BTE.

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