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BTE-240001 - BTE Two Piece Aftermarket SFI Powerglide Center Case with GM Bell Housing

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The BTE-240001 includes an SFI approved aftermarket Powerglide center case with a roller output shaft case bearing.  This part number also includes a bolt on GM pattern SFI bell housing.  The center case is designed with a machined locating ring to properly center the bell housing around the pump bore of the case, the bell housing is secured to the case using 8 bolts.  This two-piece design means that you can remove the pump without having to remove the bell housing.  

If you are looking for an aftermarket Powerglide case but need to install it behind a different motor combination, contact us about a BTE-240003 (aftermarket SFI Powerglide center case only).  This center case can be combined with a Reid bolt on bell housing to suit most other motor combinations.

The BTE aftermarket case is our preferred case for our inhouse aftermarket case builds.  

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